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Jesus’ Family Tree

Matthew 1:1-17 Matthew writes that Jesus shot out of the finest heritage that any Jew could have. An offspring of Abraham, whose line was to be a blessing to the nations—and an offspring of David, whose line was to be king of Israel and the nations. And along the way, there are some skeletons hiding in the family tree, done to show that God is a sovereign God, fully in control and graciously...

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Matthew 6:19-34 Money and possessions can easily gain power over us. Money has this power because it is sly and deceptive so you can be greedy and not know it when we compare ourselves to others. It is the unwavering trust in God alone that sets us free from power earthly treasures have over us so we can build up treasures that matter. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul...

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Generosity in Tough Times

Habakkuk 3:17-19; Deuteronomy 26:1-11 It’s possible to have joy even when things in life are going wrong. When God is center in our lives, we always give Him our best, which is the principle of the Old Testament “Firstfruits.” So when God is first in our lives, even in the toughest of economic times we are able to give sacrificially, joyfully, and graciously. View the full service on our YouTube...

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The Force of Generosity

2 Corinthians 8:8-15; 9:6-12 The Corinth church was well off and Paul was trying to raise a collection for the poor church in Jerusalem. Paul wants them to want to give generously but they seem unwilling from their heart to do so. Giving comes from joy that flows from a loving heart that has been surrendered to God. God takes our heart and helps us to see blessings that come when we join with...

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Love the Differences

Matthew 8:1-13 We are people divided in our hearts, in our allegiances, in everything besides Jesus. We typically feel most comfortable among people who are similar to us—it shows who we are. By connecting with two people who are on the extreme outside, Jesus shows that differences do not necessitate division. He enfolds them with empathy and love, and we should do the same. View the full...

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Accept One Another

Romans 15:1-9 The Bible portrays the church as a diverse community that live thick lives together. This can be rather messy, but very possible. Living together as God’s family involves bearing with one another, carrying the burdens of others by caring and coming alongside them, even when there are times we are not in agreement on how the gospel is to be lived out. View the full service on our...

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Love Across Differences

Acts 8:26-40 Our society is highly polarized, especially with political differences. Humans are good at division. Philip and an Ethiopian, who are so different, connect deeply for no other reason than that God is up to something. God, through the work of his Son Jesus, is reconciling people. The book of Acts is God creating a new humanity, a redeemed humanity, one that brings diverse people...

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The Ten Second Rule

Matthew 5:14-16 By following the Spirit’s inner promptings, we have the privilege to serve others. The 10 Second Rule says: “Just do the next thing you’re reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do, commit immediately—within 10 seconds—before you change your mind.” View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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Bear One Another’s Burdens

Galatians 6:1-10 In giving a picture of true love for one another, Jesus’ law of love includes carrying each other’s burdens—the church hasn’t always done this well—we can do this better. We need to get humanly close enough to see what those burdens are, and we have to be a person who is connecting deeply to God so He can empower us, open our eyes, and prompt us to help bear these burdens, great...

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Serve One Another

Romans 12:1-13 When God calls us to draw near to Him, we don’t do so just by ourselves. His call is not just about a private commitment or faith, but to belong to others. He calls us to be a part of a rich family of intimacy and accountability. What we see in the Bible is that the gospel has the power to renew our lives—it upends us. The gospel wants to move us away from the inward focus of just...

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Love One Another

John 13:31-35 It is often once a year (New Year’s) that we resolve to do better. Do typical resolutions help us to live better lives? What if Jesus was the one who influenced what our resolutions should be? Jesus’ last words on love is primary for all disciples. You can’t be a growing disciple without a resolve to follow His example of humble servant love. When we love this way as community, it...

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