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Fully with Us: Like Moses

by Paul Sausser

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Fully Anchored

Hebrews 6:1a, 4-8, 12-20 Jesus has become the guarantor of a better covenant. Fulfilling the requirements of every priest that ever existed, Jesus became the high priest (the one who offers the sacrifice), the altar (where the sacrifice is made), and the sacrifice (the actual offering) once and for all, for us. He is solid and stable, never moving, so on Him we can place our anchor. View the...

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The Royal Priests in Eden

Bible Project video Adam and Eve, our first parents, were made in God’s image. As God’s image bearers, they represented God to all of creation, working and worshipping in the Garden, embodying God’s heavenly wisdom and rule on Earth. They were like priests in the Garden, where God’s holy presence resided. Though Adam and Eve were deceived and fell into sin, God’s mission is to redeem humanity by...

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Fully Qualified

Hebrews 4:14-5:10 The role of the High Priest was to be the highest representative of God to His people, and God’s people to God. Because of this, the qualifications of the High Priest were high. Jesus fulfilled all the human qualifications of being a High Priest, but more than that, He was appointed as Father God. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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Our High Priest in Heaven

Hebrews 4:12-16 The word of God cuts us to the core and lays us bare before our judge. But in Jesus Christ we have a great high priest who has brought our humanity into heaven and represents us before the Father, so we may approach his throne in confidence. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Matthew Wright

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Fully Faithful

Hebrews 3 In Christ we have a calling to persevere against unbelief. Throughout Israel’s history, the repetitive behavioral pattern of chasing after other gods and forgetting the promises of God is a prominent theme. Through Christ, our hearts of stone can become hearts of flesh—being in communion with Him, and in community with others, to press against the hardening of heart and unbelief. View...

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The Lament of Jabez

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Rev. Peter Gordon shares the work of Jabez Ministries and inspires us to include people with disabilities in leadership and ministry. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By guest preacher Rev. Peter Gordon

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Fully Human

Hebrews 2:9-18 All Christ has done for us took place because He became one of us to save from ourselves and transform us to be like Him. In Jesus, God is showing us what it is like to be fully human as Jesus wears our skin without our sin. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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The Supremacy of Jesus

Hebrews 1:1-4 The Living Jesus is all we need to find fulfillment in our lives. Jesus is Father God’s full and final picture of what He wants to reveal about Himself to us. In these opening verses, 9 snapshots of Jesus are given to launch us into seeing His greatness in the rest of this Bible book. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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Therefore . . . Go!

Matthew 28:16-20 The Bible is full of stories of men and women who had doubts and fears, yet trusted that God was bigger than those doubts and fears. Jesus’ final words were to a group of young men that doubted. Yet they obeyed and God used them to change the world. Will we trust God today in the midst of our own doubts and fears? View the full service on our YouTube channel. By guest preacher...

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Luke 2:1-20 Christmas is here. We love love stories, and so we might think on this day of the love story between Joseph and Mary. But this day is not about their story, but His love story. Today is about God fulfilling promises to bring His love in His Son down to earth for us. View the full service on our YouTube channel. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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The Fore Runner

Luke 1:57-80 Christmas is about God’s salvation for us. Strip everything else away from Christmas but this truth, and it will still be a great Christmas. John’s birth tells what this child will do—announce God’s plan of salvation. Zechariah’s song, his response to God’s goodness, is praising our Lord and also proclaiming God’s salvation. The central message of Christmas is God’s great gift of...

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The Visitations

Luke 1:39-56 God’s great plan of new life should be responded to by incredible joy—spontaneous joy. The ARRIVAL of Mary at Elizabeth’s place brings joy to their home. Jesus does that to people. Elizabeth is blessed by having this Child and being in a relationship to the mother of the Messiah. Mary breaks into ADORATION about her own happiness and the joy of new life this Child will bring to the...

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