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God with Us (Matthew 1:18-25)

The name given to Jesus of Immanuel is used 2 times in the Bible—both times during great turmoil. Whether today is a time of turmoil or not, His presence with us shows His care for us in tough times. Immanuel's promise prompts us to be thankful when we reflect back on those difficult days. By Paul Sausser

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Prepare Well (Matthew 11:2-11)

John the Baptist sends his community to Jesus to ask Him if Jesus was the Promised Messiah. John was disappointed in Him—after all, John was in prison. Jesus responded by pointing out His kingdom work, the work that His body, the church, is to continue doing. By Paul Sausser

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Come to the New (Matthew 3:1-12)

John the Baptist called all people to reorient their lives by confessing their sin through baptism. Repentance is how we prepare to meet Jesus. Along with repentance of our sin is the responsibility to respond to God’s grace of forgiveness in bearing fruit that matches new life in Christ. By Paul Sausser

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Get Ready (Matthew 24:42-51)

Jesus tells His followers to get ready for His second coming because it will be unexpected. This “getting ready” doesn’t lead to a passive “waiting” lifestyle, but it directs us to a positive and active life, living by faith in serving God and others. By Paul Sausser

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Near to God

Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer? Listen along as we walk through Psalm 73 with guest preacher Dr. Laura Smit. By Dr. Laura Smit

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Forgiveness (Matthew 6:9-15)

One of God’s great gifts is forgiveness. Christians who have experienced such grace and forgiveness from Father God should lead the way in showing how forgiving others happens, no matter how hard it is. By Mary Sterenberg

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Family and Friends (Romans 12:5)

One of God’s great gifts is deep rooted community. But more than a gift, it is vital to our spiritual health, growth, and outreach. Father God longs to make Himself real to us in the love and care we receive from others, and that we give to others. Through community we experience God’s joy. By Paul Sausser

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Happiness Is… (Philippians 4:4-8)

The world is constantly pursuing happy moments, for happiness is short lived. God promises that when our quest is for Him and His life values, He grants us something greater, longer, and more sustaining—joy. By Paul Sausser

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From Fear to Freedom (Mark 5:21-43)

Jesus deliberately halts his mission to draw attention to the woman held captive by the shame of her illness. Jesus stops to show the crowd and us that her shame (our shame) has been transformed by him in a way that sets the woman and us free. By Mike Hoogeboom, guest preacher

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No Knowing, But Going (Genesis 12:1-4; Acts 20:17-24)

How can we go through uncertainties of our lives? As unfolded in his life, Abram embraced God's radical command with an adult-like faith, moving beyond a child-like faith. In turn, God showed his faithfulness to Abram, fulfilling His unimaginable promises. By Professor Won Lee, guest preacher

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Shipwreck (Acts 27:1-2, 9-12)

God’s intervention in a hazardous situation at sea shows His care for His family and for those He longs to have in His family. God’s rescue of those at sea (276 people) pictures the way God still rescues people. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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Paul and Herod (Acts 25:13-27)

The truth about Jesus and the Christian faith is proclaimed and exemplified by the Apostle Paul. Jesus’ virtues seen in Paul, such as justice and self-control, are contrasted with a sordid group of characters who are supposed to embody the best this world has to offer. Truth wins regardless of what the world says or does. By Pastor Paul Sausser

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