Worship Online

Let’s worship together! Our next service begins Sunday, October 1, at 10:00 a.m.

If you’d like to take notes, download Pastor Paul’s talk outline here. After the talk, those worshiping in person will gather in groups and discuss the questions below:

Discussion Questions:

  • Which soil is why most people don’t come to Jesus initially?
  • Which soil is why most Christians aren’t as committed to Jesus as they should be?
  • Have you ever been in 1-3 soil?
  • What does a 4th soil life look like today?
  • How has life bitten you, which is making a 4th soil life challenging?

Watch our most recent service below or on our YouTube channel.

Digital Prayer Pad

Prayer requests will be sent to Sara, our administrator, who will compile and distribute them to the congregation via email throughout the week as usual.

10 + 3 =

Gift Offering

For financial gifts, we are using a platform called Planning Center Online. With this service we can ensure security and convenience, numerous options for giving (including Apple Pay), as well a low overhead to maintain the system. Hit the button below to fill out a secure form and complete your gift:

For gifts of encouragement, write a note or draw a picture for someone who may need encouragement at this time. Have someone address the envelope and place a stamp on it. Or deliver it in person to a neighbor or loved one.

For gifts of art, share a picture or video of your artistic response to the talk with us on Instagram (@discoverycrc) (parents permitting).



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