Matthew 2:13-15

While God revealed His Son to the sages and magicians from the East, Herod was lost in trying to find Him. Herod was disturbed about this “king.” Jesus would have been part of the genocide if not for God’s intervention with Joseph. Joseph leads his family to safety in Egypt from Herod, but His claims of being King are still true. Herod shows the truth of humanity, that outside of grace we are at enmity with God—self-centered, self-righteous, and self-absorbed. To search after the true King still disturbs people today because in Jesus is God’s call to place Him on the throne of everyone’s heart. This comes not by raising ourselves up, to summon inner strength or show credentials that we are worthy, but like Jesus be humbled down to show our humility and need for a great Savior King.

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By Pastor Paul Sausser