This begins a new series called Befriend: The Art of Hospitality

Being a devoted follower of Jesus is about taking what we know and are learning and applying it to our daily life. This series takes a look at how a disciple of Jesus responds and initiate’s the characteristics of friendship to those around her—those she is friends with already, and for those who will be future friends.
     A recommended supplementary read for this series is God is Stranger by Krish Kandiah. Does the title catch you? Does Pastor Paul agree with everything in the book? No. Is the book thought and soul provoking? Yes. Does the book have great insights on being a true friend? Yes. Consider this or another book as an accompanying read for this sermon series.

This week is on Luke 10:25-37.

We seem to gravitate our time and energy towards people we have affinity with. Yet, it is responding to people who are not like us, with the time, character, and the compassion of Jesus, that is the call of the gospel. Showing God’s love is about befriending all groups of people, especially those who are unlike us.

By Pastor Paul Sausser