Just Show Up

Public Reading of Scripture Bible Study

Every Wednesday, enjoy consistent community & listening to dramatic readings of the Bible with friends (in person or online). 

Starting April 20, 2022, we’ll be meeting in person & online! You choose whether to log onto Zoom or come to 7245 Eastern Ave SE.

Following the resources of Public Reading of Scripture, an evening at Just Show Up looks something like this:

6:15 Gather in the Discovery Church basement for food & fellowship
Gather on Zoom & say hello to your friends

7:00 Listen together to PRS’s professionally produced recording of the Bible: a Psalm and Old Testament passage
7:15 Short break to reflect & share if you wish
7:18 Listen to New Testament passage and closing Psalm
7:30 Break into small groups for sharing and reflection
8:00 End

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With all this staying home, I’ve had plenty of chances to turn off distractions, take a deep breath, and reconnect with God. But I didn’t do it until I started attending Just Show Up. I make time every Wednesday because I need to hear Scripture and I need to be part of a community. Just Show Up is a slow breath in the middle of my week, and I have no excuses to miss it.


We love taking walks along the beach together. Just Show Up is like that, just spending time walking along with the ONE we love. The Word of God draws us deeper into the heart of God, and it is something we enjoy sharing together as well. It’s a no preparation, no stress opportunity to walk together with our God. It’s been great to share this experience of listening to God’s Word being read out loud, and then share in small groups what has spoken to us. We especially love the small group interaction time and prayer time together at the end of our sessions getting to know fellow Discovery members.

Bruce & Mary

From the very first time I experienced Just Show Up, I appreciated listening to longer and well-connected chunks of Scripture. My understanding of God’s Word is increasing, but more importantly, my relationship with Him is deepening.
It’s like how I feel about stopping each Friday to just play with my grandson Noah (or any of the grandkids): no agenda, no tasks, no weight on my shoulders for their future well-being, just time to enjoy deeply being together. Each Wednesday with Just Show Up is the same. Just being in the Word, and then prayers with some other amazing men is a huge bonus.

Hurry has a way of emptying the soul. C.S. Lewis said that excessive busyness keeps us from doing the important things in life—soul work. We are in a hurry because we want to appear important, significant. I have found it easier to be busy than to pause, be still, and listen.

Slowing down on Wednesday evenings to listen to God’s Word being read helps me put my focus back on where it needs to be—connection with God. And what joy it is to do so in community where we discuss how the Spirit speaks to us and praying for each other—that is connection with each other.




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