Community Events

Church is more than a building

We enjoy being part of our neighboring community, both inside and outside our church walls! Here are a few ways we’d love to meet you.


Mobile Food Pantry

One way that Discovery Church serves its community is in partnering with Feeding America to offer a monthly mobile food pantry on site, providing for immediate needs. The Mobile Food Pantry is open on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5:00-6:00 PM. No proof of low or lost income is needed—people who need food are encouraged to just come. No one should be hungry.

We are STILL ON during the coronavirus pandemic, with alternate procedures in place to protect our volunteers and guests. Be prepared for a drive-through food pantry each month.

Just Show Up: Public Reading of Scripture

This event is online until further notice

The Public Reading of Scripture helped God’s people remember who God is, who they were, and who they are called to be. This practice was so important to Paul that in 1 Timothy 4:13, he instructed all to “…devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.”

If you are interested in high impact, low preparation and hearing the words of Scripture read aloud in community each week, join Bob Terpstra in a gathering each Wednesday for one hour. We will listen to portions of scripture each week according to the format provided by “Public Reading of Scripture.” This is an international program that uses dramatic voices for reading and a listening plan designed to read through the Bible over the course of time. 

This opportunity is a low impact way to invite friends who may also enjoy listening to scriptures in a group setting. All ages welcome.

For 2021, we’ve added a small group element. See a rundown of the event, get the Zoom info, and sign up for email reminders here: 



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