Restoring Hope


Hope has to do with a journey, an incredible journey with Jesus. Hope has to do with becoming the person God wants me to be. Hope sustains those who are being shaped and chiseled into the disciple that Father God longs for. Our hope is not just that we will make it to heaven. Hope is so much more. Our hope has to do with who we are with the power of the Holy Spirit and to whom we belong. We belong to Jesus, our Savior and King. As disciples of God, we strive to restore hope in this world. We are being used by God to bring restoration from brokenness. We seek the use of prayer to bring healing and restoration to individual lives. We seek to take steps of action which brings redemption to spheres of power and influence in this world. We take seriously that this world belongs to God and that His power can bring change and hope to people, groups, and institutions.

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