With ever increasing demands on spending time with family, helping children getting to their after school and extra-curricular events, the responsibilities of our occupations, and other kingdom engagements, it is challenging to take the time to enjoy the friendship and community of others. But that is what we are called to do. In keeping with God’s call that we are a family of faith, and that we are to invest in others, we set aside times to just be together. With the high level of volunteer engagement in church ministry, we also want to just enjoy being together. Here are some ways we have done gathered together this past year, simply for the joy of community (please check the church calendar for when they are happening this year):

  • Potlucks after Sunday worship
  • Church picnics on Sunday, including church at the park
  • Family movie nights
  • Mother/Daughter teas
  • Women’s nights out
  • Holiday dinners
  • Christmas soup supper and carol sing
  • Small groups

In our past we have also held some of the following:

  • Whitecaps baseball outing
  • Game night
  • Creative Arts Night
  • Men’s bike outing
  • Murder mystery dinner

While our Care and Community Team is responsible for arranging fellowship times, all our members and ministry teams know that fellowship isn’t just the responsibility of this one team, but for all of us

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