Jesus Calling – January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015


This year Discovery Church has been given the spiritual challenge to read the Jesus Calling devotional

together throughout the year. It is a devotional written as if Jesus were speaking to us. Using Scripture

and every day vernacular, the author strives to assist her readers to listen closely to Jesus’ voice spoken

directly to us. No legalism or check-ins are necessary in doing this challenge—just a strong and continual

encouragement. Those of us on Worship Leadership are also encouraging people to share how the Holy

Spirit uses this daily devotional to speak to them. So please do. We believe that God can use this to

increase our spiritual conversations around Discovery. I’m committing to sharing at least once a week on

my blog on the church webpage.

On January 18 we read: “I am leading you along the high road, but there are descents as well as ascents.

In the distance you see snow-covered peaks glistening in the sunlight. Your longing to ready those peaks

is good, but you must not take shortcuts….Learn to trust Me when things go ‘wrong.’” I believe that

God’s will is good. He has great plans for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). But sometimes the road seems so

rocky. This devotional reminds me to not interpret the rockiness as not being of God. We can sometimes

do that. God wants to use the rockiness of the road, whether He sends it or someone else does, to draw

me closer to Him.

This past week was a meeting of area churches. There were heavy items to discuss. They were heavy

because they involved people, pastors, and ministries. For some reasons, I found myself in the center of

the most of the discussions. People disagreed with my assessment. People disagreed with my vote.

People disagreed with my perspective. There were parts of this that were really tough, especially when

some people on my team stayed silent. I believe that the end result came out well, but the journey was

hard. Definitely some descents.

I left that day and evening long meeting wondering if I should take more of a back seat. Honestly, one

can get bruised being in the center of such discussions. This devotional 2 days later reminded me that

when things go “wrong,” or maybe when things don’t go “smoothly,” those are times not to retreat but

to trust Him more. Allow him to take care of me. There will be ups and downs, but never will His

presence or love fail me. While it’s easier to follow the leading on the ascents, I keep learning to trust

when the road includes descents.