Jesus Calling – Jan 9, 2015

January 9, 2015


This year Discovery Church has been given the spiritual challenge to read the Jesus Calling devotional

together throughout the year. It is a devotional written as if Jesus were speaking to us. Using Scripture

and every day vernacular, the author strives to assist her readers to listen closely to Jesus’ voice spoken

directly to us. No legalism or check-ins are necessary in doing this challenge—just a strong and continual

encouragement. Those of us on Worship Leadership are also encouraging people to share how the Holy

Spirit uses this daily devotional to speak to them. So please do. We believe that God can use this to

increase our spiritual conversations around Discovery. I’m committing to sharing at least once a week on

my blog on the church webpage.

On January 5 we read: “People usually associate victory with success; not falling or stumbling or making

mistakes…. It is through problem and failure, weakness and neediness that you learn to rely on Me.” Too

often, based on challenging circumstances I find myself in, I can start to think that I’m not a very

successful Jesus pastor. Even in Christendom, we believe that God’s smile comes when life is sailing

along rather fine. We associate success (God’s pleasure with us) with victory (when all is well in my little

kingdom). While we know this isn’t true, why do we still tend to go there as our default measurement of

how much God is pleased with us?

Members leave the church. Giving is below projections. Ministries are downsized. Ministry leaders are

stretched. Regular Sunday guests just disappear. Some of the events of 2014 have not been “successful”

in the world’s eyes. So this is when faith grows. Faith in the spiritual realities that I know are true—not

on visual quantities. Faith must be in God’s faithful character, not numbers on a record page. I must rely

on God for my spiritual journey, not certain measurements. No outward measurements factor in having

God love me any less, or Him being any less pleased with me. As it says in this day’s devotional: “It is

through problems and failure, weakness and neediness that you learn to rely on Me.” So I hope we all

keep relying on God more and more this year regardless, in spite of, or in the face of the lack of earthly